8 Excellent Disc Golf Retriever Options

As I was waiting for the group ahead of my card to progress, I was eager for my chance to retrieve a disc of mine that had ended up in the water. Luckily, one of the members of my group at this tournament had a device that would rescue my disc. Once I saw it in action, I had to get one.

I got to thinking, what are all the available options for disc golf retrievers on the market? After some research, I found 8 excellent disc golf retriever options that you should consider adding to your bag:

  1. Kwik-Stik XL
  2. Disc Gator
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Disc Claw
  5. RexArm Disc Retriever
  6. Scepter Disc Golf Caddie
  7. Hooker Disc Retriever
  8. M-Retriever

I go into each of these options fairly thoroughly, so if you are looking for my quick recommendation, here it is. I believe the M-Retriever will work for most players out there in many situations, and not be a huge impact on your wallet for what you get.

However, each different retriever has pros and cons, ranging from price to utility to durability, that I will discuss below. Ultimately, the option that is right for you will depend on the type of courses you typically play on and your pocket book.

Kwik-Stik XL

Price: $39.99

Maker: InZone Disc Golf

Utility: Whether your disc is in the water or a tree, this disc golf accessory can be used. The Kwik-Stik XL can be purchased with either the disc trap frame or hook at $39.99. Can also be purchased as a combo pack for $69.99.

For water retrieval, use the frame trap and simply extend the pole out and scrap the bottom of the ground to capture your disc. The frame head is not designed to be removed, so you’ll need to get the hook version of this product to poke discs out of dense trees. Although, the last time I was on the InZone Disc Golf website, it appeared that there was a product in development that would allow the frame head and hook head to be removed and interchangeable.

Dimensions: This disc retriever can be collapsed down to 18 inches, which is easily portable in most bags. When extended for use, the pole will go out to 14 feet, with a max reach of 18 feet.

Durability: Created from stainless steel, this retriever has been noted as one of the most underrated and best on the market. The disc trap is securely attached to the retractable pole, so when you are pulling through water and reeds, the head does not come off.

Bottom line: Since this comes with a retractable pole and durable frame disc trap, the Kwik-Stik XL is enticing. At a price of $39.99, be sure you review the cheaper options first as there are others that could provide the same benefits. Although, the price can be justified as this is definitely quick and easy to use, along with modest portability and above average durability.

Pick one up here at InZone Disc Golf.

Disc Gator

Price: $37.99

Maker: Disc Gator

Utility: This disc golf retriever works like a mouse trap. Pull out the disc trap head and attach to the accompanying tent-like poles after extending them. The head twists onto the pole. Set the head like you would a mouse trap. Position/scoop the disc between the two ends of the head and as the disc enters the mouth of the gator, the trap is triggered and clamps down on the disc.

Great for either rescuing discs from the water or from trees. The poles that can come with this fold up like tent poles, which makes it a bit cumbersome to lug around.

Dimensions: Reaches discs up to 11 feet. Light weight, with poles folding to 22 inches.

Durability: The device is primarily made of plastic, making this quite expensive compared to the competitors using stainless steel. It has been found that the poles flex more than expected when fully extended, with the head portion having a slight swivel rotation at the end.

Bottom line: This product will get the job done if you can see the disc, but there are better options on the market around this price. It can be inviting with the amazing Jomez promo, but the functionality is spotty. You have to really attack the disc to release the trap, and the material and portability compared to the competitors leaves much to be desired.

Pick one up here on Amazon.

Golden Retriever

Price: $22.95

Maker: Dynamic Discs

Utility: Designed for rescuing discs from the water. The Golden Retriever comes with well a made disc trap head attached to a rope. To retrieve a disc from the water, one would swing the trap head at the end of the rope and launch it into the water beyond where the disc came to rest. Once the disc trap sinks to the bottom, the rope is pulled to drag the trap into the path of the submerged disc. If the trap is properly centered on the discs path, the trap will latch on.

Dimensions: Includes 50 feet of rope and only weighs 8 oz. Once completely folded, it can easily fit in any bag in the place of a disc.

Durability: Rust proof finish, which not all of the other retrievers can boast. Given its design, this device is not likely to break anytime soon. But ensure the rope is securely fastened to the trap head as this has been known it slip off the rope and be lost in the water.

Bottom line: The Golden Retriever is hard to beat for $22.95. It works just as stated and is durable to the point that you’ll never need another one. However, since you are swinging a rope, it is going to be more difficult to rescue your discs than the competitors that provide poles. Conversely, the rope setup allows discs to be retrieved from MUCH longer distances. Best around large ponds or lakes where the disc could be far away.

Pick one up here at Infinite Discs.

Disc Claw

Price: $19.95

Maker: Hive

Utility: Hive has created a product similar to the Golden Retriever, but instead of a fully enclosed disc trap, it comes with claws. The idea being, if a claw is used instead of a full-width frame, there is less dirt stirred up in the water that could make it harder to see the disc.

Dimensions: Comes with 20 feet of rope and will fit into almost any bag in place of a disc.

Durability: Like the Golden Retriever, it is not likely to break anytime soon even under heavy use. The string is a bit less durable than the Golden Retriever, but it does come with a metal ring at the end can be held on to, making it less likely to slip from the thrower’s fingers.

Bottom line: For what it does, this product almost carries the best value on the market. For short retrievals this is going to work, but if your disc is far, far away you’re going to wish you had a 50 foot rope. If you have some extra rope, you could always attach that to the end give the desired length.

Pick one up here at Infinite Discs.

RexArm Disc Retriever

Price: $25.00

Maker: RexArm Disc Retriever

Utility: Can be used to rescue discs from trees or the water. This accessory comes with a hook attached to a retractable pole. Once fully extended for use, the hook is designed in such a way to grab the side of a disc, using gravity for retrieval.

Works best when the disc is visible as retrieval needs to be a bit surgical. The disc trap head is not likely to withstand scraping around in muddy water searching for a lost disc.

Dimensions: Fully extended, this device reaches 7 feet. When retracted for storage in your bag, it will reduce down to 21 inches.

Durability: The pole is made from stainless steel and has been noted to have occasional issues when collapsing the pole.

Bottom line: At $25 the RexArm Disc Retriever is a bargain compared to the competition that come with a retractable pole. This retriever works great, but only up to 7 feet. Would be best for play around small creeks and ponds. The reduced price does come at a trade off of less durability. As long as the user is delicate and surgical with using this device, it has a great chance of lasting just as long as the other disc retrievers.

Pick one up here on Amazon.

Scepter Disc Golf Caddie

Price: $69.00

Maker: Whirld Sports

Utility: The Scepter Disc Golf Caddie takes a different approach to disc retrieval. The device comes with a suction cup head, attached to a retractable pole. It can be used to rescue discs from any location within range, whether in trees or water. The suction functionality can be a bit spotty as it is difficult to get the device to suction from max distance since it requires more effort.

A popular application of this retriever is to use it to pick up discs in all aspects of the game, not just when stuck in a tree or submerged in water. This can be beneficial to someone with a bad back that has difficulty bending over to pick up their discs.

Dimensions: Can be retracted down to 2 feet and extended out to 6.5 feet, which puts this at one of the larger devices when stored. Ideal for disc golf carts over bags for carrying.

Durability: This is the most durable device on this list, as it does not compact to a small size. When fully extended, the pole holds its structure more firmly than the rest of the options on this list.

Bottom line: This disc golf retriever is the most expensive option on the list. It is the most durable, but also the shortest at a max of 2 meters. The suction disc trap is useful at short distances when picking up a disc for convenience, but can be difficult to get suction at max distance.

Bonus feature: If the 2 meter rule is in play, this device can be used as a measuring tool since it is right at 2 meters.

Pick one up here at Whirld Sports.

Hooker Disc Retriever

Price: $12.99

Maker: Impact Discs

Utility: The Hooker Disc Retriever is a small compact accessory that has two hooks and a velcro loop. This device does not come with any pole or rope. Instead, it is to be used with an pole you bring or stick found on the course. The Hooker can be attached to the stick using the velcro.

The two hooks are designed to grab the disc and latch on to the underside. Can be used to retrieve from trees or water.

Dimensions: This is the smallest disc retriever on the market, at around 6 inches. It comes with a carabiner clip that can be attached to the outside of a bag or cart.

Durability: Made of very strong plastic and intrustrial strength velcro.

Bottom line: The concept behind the hooker is attractive since it is almost effortless to carry. However, this device is only as good as the sticks you have around you. If you are on a course with plenty of long sticks, then this should definitely go in your bag for only $12.00. The odds of finding a readily available stick when you need it is a different story.

Pick one up here at Disc Golf Market.


Price: $45.00


Utility: Can be used to rescue discs from either the water or from a tree. The device has two retriever modes. A disc can either be scooped or raked, depending on the position the head is placed in. Switching the head of the M-Retriever, or the disc trap, between both modes is easily done by unlocking and re-locking the adjusting gear attached to the disc trap.

The disc trap has two hooks that will engage the underside of a disc when either scooped or raked. Once the disc has been engaged by the two hooks, it will be securely fastened while pulling it out of the water or from a tree.

Dimensions: This disc retriever can be collapsed down to 20 inches, which is easily portable in most bags. When extended for use, the pole will go out to 14 feet, with a max reach of 20 feet. Weighs around 1.2 Ibs.

Durability: Stainless Steel, with some plastic in vital areas. Overall, the M-Retriever has been found to withstand most situations without breaking. When fully extended, it holds up and doesn’t feel as flimsy as some of the others, especially when submerged in moving water.

There is a plastic portion of the disc trap that has been known to break on rare occasions, although previous owners have noted that the maker, M-RETRIEVER, has been excellent to correct the situation at no extra cost to the customer. The product is noted to have a lifetime warranty, which is a major plus.

Bottom line: For the price at $45.00, this disc golf accessory is on the higher end of the spectrum compared to the competitors. Being able to use this device for discs in either the water or trees is attractive, but can be limiting at only a maximum reach of 20 feet. Also, rescuing discs from up above in trees is a plus since the disc trap is a better poker than some of the other extending disc retrievers.

Bonus feature: This retriever can convert to an action stick, which you can attach a GoPro or other similar cameras to. Great for capturing moments on the course from up above.

Pick one up here at Infinite Discs.

Final Thoughts

If you have the money, the M-Retriever is actually pretty great and what I would recommend to others. It is quick to pull out and easy to use. The length is just right for most of my discs that end up in the water or a tree. This one comes out on top of the Kwik-Stix XL and RexArm Disc Retriever for me. Be sure to check out the current price on Infinite Discs here.

Also, for the price and utility, I had to put the Dynamic Disc Golden Retriever in my bag. I play around large bodies of water and the other retrievers do not have the reach to rescue some of my errant shots. The extra rope that comes along is perfect for these situations. The Disc Claw could be a great alternative to the Golden Retriever, but the shorter rope keeps this one on the shelf. Be sure to check out the current price on Infinite Discs here.

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