Best Innova Distance Drivers (With Flight Comparisons)

Innova offers a diverse range of disc golf drivers suited for players of all skill levels.

For experienced players seeking power and versatility, the Innova Wraith is an excellent choice. If you’re a beginner looking for optimal distance with minimal effort, the Innova Mamba is the perfect companion.

With Innova distance drivers, you have a ton of dope options and a variety of plastics to try them with.

Let’s see how Innova’s distance drivers (10-speed +) compare:

Innova Distance Driver Comparisons

Innova Mamba116-51Understable
Innova Daedalus136-42Understable
Innova Vulcan135-42Understable
Innova Katana135-33Understable
Innova Tern126-22Understable
Innova Beast105-22Stable
Innova Mystere116-22Stable
Innova Krait115-12Stable
Innova Corvette146-12Stable
Innova Shryke136-22Stable
Innova TeeDevil125-12Stable
Innova Orc104-13Overstable
Innova Wraith115-13Overstable
Innova Destroyer125-13Overstable
Innova Boss13503Overstable
Innova Colossus145-23Overstable
Innova Max11305Very Overstable
Innova TeeRex11404Very Overstable
Innova X-Caliber12504Very Overstable
Innova Ape13504Very Overstable
Innova Firestorm14403Very Overstable

Now that you have a birds-eye view of Innova’s driver lineup, let’s dive into the first disc on our list (and arguably the most popular): the Innova Wraith. If you are interested in all of Innova’s lineup, you can read my Innova overstable discs review here!

Innova Wraith:

White Innova Glow Wraith Nathan queen Champion with Blue Stamp
  • Speed: 11 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 3
  • Diameter: 21.10 cm | Height: 1.40 cm | Rim Depth: 1.20 cm | Rim Width: 2.10 cm

The Wraith is a long-distance, stable distance driver that offers exceptional glide and precision. It is perfect for intermediate and advanced players, but may be difficult for a beginner to throw. The Wraith’s neutral stability allows it to perform well in all wind conditions and works equally well for both forehand and backhand drives.

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  • Great distance potential
  • Exceptional glide and accuracy
  • Works well in different wind conditions
  • Suitable for forehand and backhand throws


  • Not recommended for beginners due to its stability
  • Requires some breaking in for optimal flight

The Wraith has earned its reputation as a favorite among disc golfers, and for good reason. It offers a combination of speed, glide, and accuracy that few other drivers can match. If you’re in need of a powerful but manageable distance driver, the Wraith should be at the top of your list.

Innova Tern

Purpl Innova Halo Tern Distance Driver with Purple Stamp

If you’re in search of a disc that can take your drives to new heights, look no further than the Innova Tern. Designed as a high-speed distance driver, the Tern is a game-changer for intermediate players and beyond. Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable disc.

Innova Tern Overview:

  • Speed: 12 | Glide: 6 | Turn: -2 | Fade: 2
  • Diameter: 21.10 cm | Height: 1.70 cm | Rim Depth: 1.10 cm | Rim Width: 2.30 cm

The Tern’s understable nature makes it an incredibly comfortable disc for maximum distance throws. It offers a wide rim for a solid grip, yet it’s not at the maximum width like some other drivers. The Tern’s flight rating may vary slightly depending on the plastic used, with Champion plastic leaning towards a more stable flight.


  • Excellent distance potential, especially for intermediate players
  • Natural turn allows for shot shaping and s-curves
  • Glide and turn make it a favorite choice for powerful arms
  • Various plastics available with distinct flight characteristics


  • Can become too flippy with wear, limiting its versatility
  • Wide rim may not be suitable for players with smaller hands
  • Requires some experience to control

If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of your drives, the Innova Tern is the disc for you. Its long glide and natural turn can provide that extra burst of distance even for players with slower arm speeds. Just make sure you have enough open space to let the Tern truly fly unhindered.

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Innova Destroyer

Grey/Black Innova Halo Destroyer Distance Driver with Black Stamp

Prepare yourself for a disc that lives up to its name—the Innova Destroyer. This legendary distance driver has become a staple in the disc golf community, known for its incredible speed, stability, and long flights. Get ready to unleash your power and conquer the fairways with the Destroyer!

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Innova Destroyer Overview:

  • Speed: 12 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 3
  • Diameter: 21.10 cm | Height: 1.40 cm | Rim Depth: 1.20 cm | Rim Width: 2.20 cm

The Destroyer is hailed as the king of distance drivers, favored by professional disc golfers and experienced players alike. With its overstable flight, the Destroyer delivers a perfect blend of predictability, control, and impressive distance. It’s worth noting that the Destroyer requires some arm speed and finesse to fully harness its power.


  • Unmatched distance potential for players with higher arm speeds
  • Reliable, stable flight with a predictable fade for accurate drives
  • Can handle headwinds and off-axis torque with ease
  • Comes in a variety of plastics with distinct grip and flight characteristics


  • Not recommended for beginners or players with slower arm speeds
  • May be too overstable for some players, requiring adjustment
  • Variations within plastic types may affect flight characteristics

Whether you’re a professional looking to dominate the field or an experienced player seeking a reliable distance driver, the Innova Destroyer is sure to impress. With its exceptional stability and long flights, the Destroyer will be your go-to choice for reaching new distances on the fairways. Just remember to bring your powerful arm and watch in awe as the Destroyer soars through the air.

Innova Mamba

Grey/Black Innova Halo Mamba with Blue Stamp

Looking for a disc that can add a new level of distance to your throws? Enter the Innova Mamba, an understable distance driver that is sure to impress. Whether you’re a beginner looking to step up your game or an intermediate player in search of a reliable turnover disc, the Mamba is here to deliver incredible distance and versatility.

Innova Mamba Overview:

  • Speed: 11 | Glide: 6 | Turn: -5 | Fade: 1
  • Diameter: 21.10 cm | Height: 1.70 cm | Rim Depth: 1.10 cm | Rim Width: 2.10 cm

The Mamba is known for its understability, making it an ideal choice for players seeking maximum distance with minimal effort. It offers excellent high-speed turn, allowing for long turnovers, hyzer flips, and even big rolls. The Mamba’s flight is highly dependent on arm speed and release angle, making it a versatile tool in your disc golf arsenal.


  • Great first 11-speed driver for beginners
  • Provides excellent angle control for intermediate to advanced players
  • Reliable understable flight for turnover shots and hyzer flips
  • Excels in tailwind and long-distance drives


  • May be too flippy for some players, requiring adjustment
  • Throwing into a headwind is not recommended

The underrated Innova Mamba is a disc that deserves more recognition. It offers a combination of distance, control, and versatility that can benefit players of various skill levels. Whether you’re unleashing powerful turnovers or enjoying max distance hyzer flips, the Mamba will undoubtedly find a place in your disc golf bag. Don’t miss out on adding this gem to your lineup!

Innova Beast

Light Blue Innova Halo Beast with Bronze Stamp

Are you ready to tap into your full disc golf potential? Look no further than the Innova Beast, a distance driver that lives up to its name. Known for its popularity among players of all skill levels, the Beast offers a combination of speed, stability, and versatility that will elevate your throwing game to new heights.

Innova Beast Overview:

  • Speed: 10 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -2 | Fade: 2
  • Diameter: 21.20 cm | Height: 1.40 cm | Rim Depth: 1.10 cm | Rim Width: 2 cm

The Beast is a stable distance driver that strikes the perfect balance between speed and control. It is a disc that can be trusted for maximum distance, downwind shots, and turnovers. What sets the Beast apart is its ability to perform equally well for both forehand and backhand throws, making it a go-to driver for players of all throwing styles.


  • Excellent choice for beginners transitioning to faster discs
  • Versatile disc that performs well in a variety of throwing scenarios
  • Works for both forehand and backhand throws
  • Trusted by both recreational players and professionals


  • May be too stable for very new beginners in certain plastic types
  • Advanced players may prefer other options for larger arm speeds
  • Forehand throwers may prefer more overstability in their drivers

Whether you’re a beginner looking to take your game to the next level or a seasoned pro in search of a reliable distance driver, the Innova Beast is a disc you can rely on. With its stability, ease of use, and proven performance, the Beast will help you achieve those incredible drives you’ve always dreamed of. Release your inner distance beast and let the Beast guide you to disc golf victory!

Innova Shryke

White/Purple Innova Halo Shryke with Red Stamp

When it comes to distance drivers, the Innova Shryke stands out as a go-to disc for players looking to unleash their full potential. This high-speed, stable driver is designed to slice through the air, offering incredible distance and impressive control. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Shryke a must-have in your disc golf bag.

Innova Shryke Overview:

  • Speed: 13 | Glide: 6 | Turn: -2 | Fade: 2
  • Diameter: 21.00 cm | Height: 1.70 cm | Rim Depth: 1.20 cm | Rim Width: 2.30 cm

The Shryke is an easy-to-throw distance driver that suits a wide range of players. With a mild high-speed turn, it enters a glide mode that, along with its high-speed aerodynamics, generates incredible distance. While the Shryke is faster and more stable than the popular Tern, it maintains manageability with its mild low-speed fade, making it a reliable choice for hitting the fairway.


  • Exceptional glide and distance potential
  • Suitable for players of various skill levels
  • Easy to control and keep on the fairway
  • Ideal for long turnover shots and downhill throws


  • Not recommended for beginners due to its high speed
  • May be more susceptible to wind, especially headwinds
  • Predictability may vary as the disc breaks in

If you’re searching for a distance driver that can take your throws to new heights, the Innova Shryke is the answer. Its perfect combination of speed, glide, and stability offers incredible control and distance potential. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate beginner, the Shryke is ready to help you soar to new distances on the disc golf course.

Innova Corvette

Purple Innova Champion Metal Flake Corvette(Reaper Edition) with Black Stamp

When it comes to maximum distance drives, few discs can match the power of the Innova Corvette. As Innova’s second speed-14 driver, the Corvette is built for speed, glide, and commanding distance. If you’re looking to push the limits of your throwing power and achieve incredible distances, the Corvette is here to deliver. Let’s explore what makes this disc a game-changer for distance seekers.

Innova Corvette Overview:

  • Speed: 14 | Glide: 6 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 2
  • Diameter: 21.00 cm | Height: 1.80 cm | Rim Depth: 1.20 cm | Rim Width: 2.30 cm

The Corvette is designed to take off down the fairway like a rocket, combining high speed and extended glide. This results in exceptional distance potential and fairway accuracy. The disc’s stability allows it to maintain its flight path before a reliable fade brings it home. With its maximum speed and commanding performance, the Corvette is a driver that demands a strong throwing arm.


  • Unmatched maximum distance potential with excellent glide and speed
  • Fairway accuracy and reliable fade for controlled flights
  • Ideal for players with experience looking to push their distance limits
  • Offers long, mostly straight shots on the fairway


  • Not recommended for beginners due to its high speed and stability
  • May require significant arm speed and power to fully manipulate the disc
  • Challenging to throw in strong headwinds due to stability

If you’re seeking a disc that can maximize your distance and speed, the Innova Corvette is the perfect choice. While it may not be suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced players will appreciate the Corvette’s ability to push the boundaries of their drives. Experience the thrill of powerful throws and unrivaled distance with the Innova Corvette.

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