Best Disc Golf Baskets for Weekend Warriors

Interested in buying a disc golf basket to improve your game in your spare time? Here are the best baskets I have found that work for me at the best price.

Why I Chose the MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain

After playing on lots of different baskets, and wasting a ton of money along the way, I found one that I feel good about recommending. The disc golf basket that I found to be the best for most players out there is the MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket. Its built using the standard PDGA approved specifications, is easy to setup, and has the feel of a solid professional basket at a quality price. It is a must have for your backyard. Be sure to check out the current price here on Infinite Discs.

It is about 45 pounds, but I found it fairly easy to pick up and move around my backyard when I need to. Also, I’ll sometimes dissemble this, load it into my car and bring it to the park to practice, which is not difficult at all. I typically bring it back in under my patio after use since it could rust when left out in the rain or when sprinklers are on.

These are the Top 3 Disc Golf Baskets I recommend:

If you were to get just one basket, the MVP Black Hole Pro is the way to go. However, there are a few others out there that have their place which you should also consider:

  • MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket – MVP has actually stepped up their game with this basket. It has more chains, is cheaper, and actually feels more durable than the rest of the comparable options out there. I also prefer baskets like this one with the band on top.
  • MVP Black Hole Precision – This basket is basically the same as the MVP Black Hole Pro, only this one has a very narrow basket. I’ve enjoy using narrow baskets in practice because it makes actual putting SO much easier. Switching to a regular basket feels like ‘easy mode’ after practicing on the Precision version of MVP’s Black Hole basket. Be sure to check it out for the current price here on Infinite Discs.
  • Innova Skillshot – This is the budget option for your backyard or frequent traveling. I’m putting this on the list because I’ve been able to get excellent use out of it when I’m going somewhere and I want a basket to be able to practice with. You can simply keep this stored in the trunk of your car and it’ll always be there ready for you. It is super inexpensive, weights 26 pounds, and is made with 16 chains. Check here out here on Infinite Discs.