Unique Ideas for a Disc Golf Gift for Your Husband When You Know Nothing About Disc Golf

You know nothing about disc golf, but you want to buy a gift for the disc golfer in your life? You’re in luck. There are TONS of options out there that every disc golfer would love to have.

I’ll walk you through the few things you should know before spending your hard-earned money on a gift. Naturally, you don’t want to buy something that your husband isn’t going to love. There isn’t that much that you need to know to nail it on this gift.

Step away from the Amazon Gift Card

Some people prefer to go the simple route and buy a gift card so the recipient can “get what they really want”. Where’s the fun in that? Hear me out on my arguments for why you shouldn’t just get them a gift card.

Some of my FAVORITE disc golf gear is from my wife who knows very little about disc golf. Sure, most of what I use is equipment that I researched and purchased for specific purposes, but sometimes I can get stuck in a rut. A brand-new disc that I’ve never thought about trying before can really breathe new life into my game.

On the other hand, it can be easy to buy a gift that your husband won’t like without at least a little knowledge of the manufacturers that create the equipment and the types of equipment. Let’s take a look at each of these areas.

Disc Golf Manufacturers

  1. Innova
  2. Discraft
  3. Dynamic Discs
  4. Discmania
  5. MVP
  6. Prodigy

When you start to look for a gift, I would recommend looking for equipment from these manufacturers.

There are many more manufacturers out there producing equipment than what I listed above. However, to keep it simple for you I’ve listed what I considered to be the large players in the market that are producing high-quality products.

Even if your husband just started playing disc golf, he will likely know these particular manufacturers.

If your husband has never played disc golf, then you can’t go wrong with products from these producers.

Personally, I use equipment mostly from Innova, Discraft, and MVP, but I know plenty of players using Discmania, Dynamic Discs, and Prodigy.

If you have the opportunity, try to sneak a peak at your husband’s disc golf equipment without them knowing. Most players I know primarily use gear from just one of the makers, so you should be able to pickup on which manufacturer they are using. If you have this chance, great! Go with that maker.

Types of Equipment

Now that you know what manufacturer(s) you’re going to buy, what are the options available to you?

To play the game, your husband technically only needs a disc. But there’s a breadth of different products you can get which your husband will love. I’d put them into 4 categories:

  1. Discs
  2. Bags/Carts
  3. Baskets
  4. Accessories

Here’s some really cool and unique ideas from these areas.

Disc Misprints Mystery Box

This is probably the most exciting and fun gift you can give a disc golfer, but also less known. I would put it at the top of my list of recommendations that you should go for.

As with any manufacturing process, there are sometimes products that come off the assembly line that have cosmetic flaws, which they do not want to put on the shelf to sell. Instead of scrapping these discs entirely, the producer boxes them up (typically in boxes of 10) and sells them at a discount.

Keep in mind, these are just cosmetic flaws so you shouldn’t expect the disc to fly any differently than a normal version. Here’s an example of a misprinted disc versus a correctly printed disc.

The best part of getting a disc misprint mystery box is that you’ll be getting all the products MUCH cheaper than if you purchased them off the shelf.

After looking at various sellers that do this, I found that you’re getting anywhere from 30%-50% off on these products. Its difficult to know exactly how much of a discount you’re getting since you don’t specifically know what’s going to be in the box.

Also, during select times of the year sometimes there will be deals going on where you can get these even cheaper.

Here’s a few options to take a look at:

Discraft Misprint Mystery Box – $59.99 for 10 discs

Dynamic Discs Misprint Mystery Box – $29.99 for 3 discs

Prodigy Misprint Mystery Box – $50.00 for 5 discs

The discounted price is obviously nice, but the most important factor here is the mystery of what’s inside! The experience of opening the box is very exciting and special.

Disc Golf Carts/Basket

If your husband doesn’t already have a disc golf bag to carry all of his discs, this is a must buy in my opinion. When I first started out, I was carrying all of my discs in a normal backpack. After I updated to a disc golf bag the quality of life changes were tremendous.

If your husband already has a bag, I would recommend a disc golf cart. Whenever I see people with these on the golf course, I’m always jealous because they typically come with a built-in seat on the top. This can come in real handy when you’re waiting for a group in front of yours on the course.

Not to mention, its much better for the back when they don’t have to carry around a bag all day.

These carts are usually a little more of an investment, but their pretty high-quality. Here are a few options sold by Dynamic Discs.

As far as disc golf baskets go, your husband is really only going to need one if they don’t have one already.

I have one in my backyard and I love using it whenever I go out there with the kids. I would recommend getting a portable basket that is light and collapsible.

What’s great about these is they will be able to easily take it with them wherever they go. For example, whenever they go camping or to the park, they could bring this along to play. There is one I like from Innova that is only 26 pounds:


There are many, many accessories for the sport of disc golf. I want to discuss just one that I think you husband will really like.

If your husband has ever played at a course with a lake or river, it is likely they’ve lost discs in the water during an errant throw. When this has happened to me in the past, I consider the disc gone forever. Until I discovered the Disc Golf Golden Retriever.

If a disc goes in the water and I can’t easily reach it from the edge, I pull this device out and go to work.

Time to get that gift!

Just remember, stick with the manufacturers I listed above that are well-known. You can always simply buy your husband a new shirt to wear on the course or a single new disc. One can never have too many of either, I feel and I’m always happy and satisfied when I’m give these.

However, if you want to spice things up, go for that misprint mystery box. If you think your husband has enough discs, pick him up that Disc Gold Golden Retriever, portable basket, or cart. I’m sure they’ll love it.

Good luck!

Scott Heywood

I'm Scott Heywood, the guy behind Disc Golf Report Report. I've been playing disc golf over the last several years and have become obsessed with it. At least a few times a week you'll find me out on a course playing, but when I'm not, I'm writing about the sport here on Disc Golf Report.

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