About Us

Welcome to DiscGolfReport.com, your dedicated source for all things disc golf.

Founded by Aaron and Scott, two passionate disc golf enthusiasts, our website is the culmination of our love for the sport and our desire to share our knowledge and experiences with the disc golf community.

Meet The Guys


Aaron one of the founders of Disc Golf Report throwing a disc

Aaron’s journey in disc golf began over a decade ago, and what started as a weekend hobby quickly evolved into a full-fledged passion. With a background in sports journalism, Aaron brings a unique perspective to the world of disc golf. He has played in several regional tournaments and is predominantly a forehand player.

His in-depth knowledge of disc design, flight patterns, and course layout makes him an invaluable resource for players looking to improve their game. He has tested hundreds of discs and has an ever-growing stack of putters in his backyard.

Aaron’s reviews are informative and infused with his personal experiences and insights, making them relatable to both new and seasoned players.


Scott throwing forehand

Scott’s love for disc golf is matched only by his commitment to growing the community. A competitive player with over seven years of experience, Scott has a knack for breaking down complex techniques into easily understandable concepts. His engineering background gives him a keen eye for the technical aspects of disc design and aerodynamics.

Scott is also deeply involved with his local disc golf club, working tirelessly to #GrowTheSport and organize events. His approachable nature and enthusiasm for teaching have made him a popular figure in the local disc golf scene.

Our Goal

DiscGolfReport.com’s mission is simple: to share our love for disc golf with a wider audience and provide a resource that helps players of all levels improve their game. Whether you’re looking for the latest disc reviews, tips on improving your throw, or insights into the sport’s culture and community, we’ve got you covered.

Aaron and Scott’s combined expertise and dedication are at the core of what makes Disc Golf Report a trusted and respected name in the world of disc golf. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey, whether you’re just discovering the sport or looking to take your game to the next level.

You can read more about our editorial policy here.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns; we are always happy to talk disc golf and meet new people!