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Here’s My 9 Favorite Portable Disc Golf Baskets

Have you ever been at a boring family BBQ and wished you could throw some discs?

Well, now you can, with one of these portable disc golf baskets.

These portable baskets mimic the function of permanent ones but with the added benefit of mobility, allowing for customizable course layouts or simply a fun game in the backyard.

As I consider what to highlight when purchasing a portable disc golf basket, durability, portability, and ease of assembly stand out. A well-built basket should withstand various weather conditions and the repeated impact of discs. Weight and foldability affect transport and storage; lighter baskets are easier to carry but shouldn’t sacrifice stability. Setup time can also vary significantly; a quick and easy assembly means more playtime and less frustration.

Focusing on durability, portability, and assembly ensures a wise investment in a portable disc golf basket that suits one’s lifestyle and play preferences. With these ideas in mind, I’ve looked into the best portable disc golf baskets on the market, aiming to find options that balance quality and convenience.

Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets

I’ve gathered a collection of the top portable disc golf baskets just for you. If you’re looking to practice your putts or enjoy a full round with friends wherever you go, you’ll find the perfect option here. These baskets are durable, easy to transport, and ideal for disc golfers of all levels.

MVP Black Hole Pro

After testing out the MVP Black Hole Pro, I’m convinced it’s a top pick for players who want a blend of durability and portability in their disc golf practice.


  • Extremely stable and catches discs like a professional course basket.
  • Assembles in a snap, meaning less prep time and more play time.
  • Portable enough to take on various outings without a hassle.


  • Cubbyhole stakes could be sturdier, especially in rocky or hard soil.
  • While transportable, the heft of the basket might require multiple trips from the car.
  • Doesn’t include a carrying case, which is a bit of a letdown for constant movers.

The MVP Black Hole Pro really impressed me with its stable and sturdy design. Its 24 chains grab discs out of the air just right, improving my putting game significantly.

The setup couldn’t be quicker; I had it ready for action in under a minute. It’s definitely a time-saver.

Its portability means I can play virtually anywhere. I’ve easily taken it to parks and friends’ backyards, though a dedicated bag would simplify this. Despite that, it’s transformed the way I practice and play.

Scout Disc Golf Basket

After spending some quality time with the Scout Disc Golf Basket, I must say it’s a game-changer for practice sessions, offering remarkable ease of setup and transportability.


  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Solid construction that withstands various weather conditions
  • Highly portable with included carrying bag


  • Slightly heavier compared to other portable baskets
  • May require replacement parts over time
  • Premium price potentially a hurdle for casual players

I recently added the Scout Basket to my practice routine and was delighted at how swiftly I could transition from carrying it to sinking putts. The durable design handles my regular outdoor sessions with ease, and the convenience of packing it into its carry bag simplifies my day considerably.

I noticed it has heft, a trait I’ve come to appreciate. It stands its ground when I’m practicing in a breeze, giving me a reliable target each time. I must mention the carrying bag, too; it’s a lifesaver for transporting the basket to my favorite park.

The sturdiness comes at a cost, slightly bulkier than my previous portable target, but that’s a trade-off I gladly accept for consistent practice. Overall, it offers the feel of a professional basket, enhancing my training routine significantly.

DGA Mach Lite Basket

I find the DGA Mach Lite Basket to be an outstanding choice for anyone passionate about disc golf looking to refine their putting game anywhere they go.


  • Lightweight design, super easy to carry
  • Quick setup and breakdown process
  • Sturdy and reliable while catching discs


  • Not designed for permanent outdoor use
  • Can be toppled in strong winds
  • May have a less forgiving catch area compared to heavier, permanent baskets

After taking the Mach Lite Basket out for a spin, I’m impressed with its portability. The convenient carrying bag with a strap made it a breeze to transport to my local park. Setting up was a matter of minutes, and before I knew it, I was sinking putts and honing in my short game.

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The construction struck me as robust, particularly the patented chain structure that closely mimics a professional course basket. Despite a heavy putting session, the Mach Lite stayed resilient, a testament to its build quality.

However, what’s lightweight and portable can sometimes struggle with the elements, and I found the basket swayed in gusty conditions, though its performance remained largely unaffected. While perfect for casual practice, those seeking a more permanent backyard setup might consider a more heavyweight option, as the Mach Lite isn’t intended for constant outdoor exposure.

Black Hole Precision

The MVP Disc Sports Black Hole Precision is a game-changer for anyone serious about upping their disc golf putting game.


  • Enhances precision with its narrow target area
  • Swift assembly and portable design make it a breeze to use anywhere
  • High-quality chains provide a realistic playing experience


  • The focus on precision may be intimidating for beginners
  • One layer of chains can lead to bounce-outs
  • Does not include a storage bag for transportation

Just took the Black Hole Precision out for a spin in my backyard, and I’ve got to say, it really trains you to nail those putts. The 12 heavy-duty chains clang satisfyingly with each successful throw, making practice sessions incredibly rewarding. Its portability means I can take my practice session to the park next time, an exciting prospect!

The assembly process couldn’t have been smoother. Within a minute, I had it standing – no fumbling required. This quick setup leaves more time for what’s important: honing those putting skills. And when I finished, it disassembled just as quickly, tucking away neatly.

After a few rounds, I can attest to its sturdy build. Yet, despite its solid construction, I did notice that an especially strong putt might not stay caught by the chains. This is perfect though; it means I have to be more precise. Can’t wait to see how this added challenge will translate on the course!

Innova DISCatcher Traveler

I just tossed a few putters into this basket, and I’m impressed; it nails the balance of portability and playability you’d want in a travel disc golf basket.


  • Effortless to pack and deploy, making moving to new locations a breeze.
  • Surprisingly sturdy and stable, giving an authentic playing experience.
  • Catching chains are effective, translating practice to on-course performance.


  • Not suitable for permanent outdoor setup; keep it sheltered from the elements.
  • Light frame may catch more wind than heavier, permanent baskets.
  • May experience occasional bounce-outs, more than with high-end stationary baskets.

Out on the field, the DISCatcher Traveler was a star performer in my practice session. With its bright blue hue, spotting the basket from across the park was a cinch. The flag on top provided immediate wind direction, enhancing my throwing strategy before each toss.

Back at home, this basket flexed its versatility by transforming my backyard into a putter’s paradise. Set up took only a moment; I popped it out, watched it snap into place, and started sinking shots in no time.

While some heavier baskets might anchor better in blustery conditions, I found anchoring this one with stakes provided ample stability for normal use. Clearly, the Traveler is designed for those of us who love the game enough to take it anywhere, and it doesn’t disappoint.

If you are new to the game, you can bundle up your order with Innova’s Disc Golf Starter Set and save some $$!

MVP Black Hole Lite

The MVP Black Hole Lite has elevated my game with its portability and stability; it’s a top pick for serious disc golfers on the move.


  • Setting up is a breeze, I was ready to practice in under a minute.
  • Transporting is oh-so-easy with the included Transit bag.
  • Catches discs like a dream with its 24 heavy-duty chains.


  • At 26 pounds, it’s portable, but there are lighter baskets out there.
  • Can require grounding with stakes on windy days.
  • Might be a bit pricey for casual players.

I’ve seen my fair share of disc golf baskets, but the Black Hole Lite truly stands out. Its assembly simplicity is mighty impressive; snapping the pieces together was quicker than brewing my morning coffee. The quality of materials promises durability, and I haven’t even mentioned the catch – literally, it makes a mean catch with its well-designed chains.

I remember thinking how often I’d actually carry it around, but thanks to the lightweight design and the included Transit bag, my Black Hole Lite has accompanied me on numerous trips to the park. The case is not just for carrying; it shields the basket from the elements, which is a huge plus when I toss it into the back of my car.

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I’ve stacked countless baskets side by side, and though this MVP model is on the sturdier end, be mindful during gusty days. The ground stakes do their job, but ideally, I wouldn’t need them. Also, while the price does reflect the basket’s quality and features, I know some of my friends would hesitate if just dabbling in the sport. That said, the Black Hole Lite has been a game-changer for my putting practice, and I’d recommend it to any disc golfer who values quality and portability.

Axiom Pro Basket

If you’re in the market for a reliable and vividly colored disc golf basket, the Axiom Pro should be at the top of your list.


  • Stands firm against the elements with a weight that anchors it down.
  • Bright colors and superior chains make for a satisfying practice session.
  • Assembly is a breeze—it’s ready for action in no time.


  • May need additional anchoring in strong winds.
  • It’s a noticeable presence in the yard with its rich colors and size.
  • The metallic ping can be loud, which might not be ideal for quiet environments.

I just had the chance to throw some discs at the Axiom Pro Basket, and I’ve been impressed by its sturdy feel. The 24 chains do a great job of catching discs, mimicking the experience I’m used to on the course. It’s holding up well, even after several practice sessions.

Transporting this basket is pretty straightforward. When I took it to a friend’s backyard BBQ, it became the center of attention, and it folded up compactly afterward. It’s refreshing to not have to deal with overly complicated securing mechanisms.

Finally, the vibrant color options are a huge plus. I went with the royal blue, and it stands out beautifully in the yard. Yet, it’s more than just a pretty face—the performance and quick setup of the Axiom Pro Basket remind me why I enjoy disc golf, whether I’m polishing up my putting or just having fun.

MVP Black Hole Pro

If you’re aiming to enhance your disc golf skills with dependable practice equipment, the MVP Black Hole Pro should definitely be on your radar.


  • Solid build quality enhances the catching experience
  • Assembling the basket is a breeze, making it ideal for quick practice sessions
  • The included Transit bag is perfect for transport and storage


  • Might be too bulky for those with limited storage space
  • A bit heavier compared to other portable baskets
  • The metal chains can be loud when discs hit them

Out on the lawn with the MVP Black Hole Pro, I found its sturdy frame and heavy-duty chains immediately upped my practice game. The realistic catch action gives me confidence that I’m improving with every throw.

The convenience of transport struck me when I collapsed it. Slipping it into its Transit bag, I appreciated how simple it was to tote from my backyard to the park. No fuss, no muss.

After a solid afternoon session, it’s clear this basket is an asset for serious disc golfers. Its robustness ensures it stands up to the elements, and the ease of setup is perfect for spontaneous practice whenever the urge strikes.

Buying Guide

When I’m in the market for a portable disc golf basket, I consider several key features to ensure that I choose the best product for my needs. First and foremost, I look at the basket’s durability. It should be made of materials that can withstand outdoor elements and the impact of discs. The base design is also important; a wider base offers more stability, which is crucial when playing in windy conditions.

Material and Build Quality

  • Durability: Opt for weather-resistant materials like metal with protective coatings.
  • Weight: A heavier basket is usually more stable, but if I plan on moving it frequently, I look for a balance between stability and portability.

Portability and Convenience

  • Easy to assemble/disassemble: Make sure the basket has a user-friendly assembly process.
  • Carry bag included: A bonus for easier transportation.
  • Collapsibility: Collapsible designs make storage and transport simpler.

Stability and Design

  • Weight distribution: A low center of gravity helps prevent tipping.
  • Chains: The more chains a basket has, the better it mimics a permanent basket.
  • Base: Look for a sturdy base that won’t tip over easily.
FeatureWhy It’s Important
MaterialDetermines lifespan and weather resistance.
WeightAffects portability. A too heavy basket is hard to move, but too light may tip over easily.
ChainsMore chains typically mean better catching of discs.
Base DesignA wide base improves stability.

By focusing on these factors, I ensure that I end up with a portable disc golf basket that stands the test of time, is easy to move around, and offers a reliable playing experience.

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