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My INNOVA Disc Golf Starter Set Review

Embarking on a journey into the exhilarating world of disc golf? The Innova Disc Golf Starter Set might just be your perfect companion. Designed for those taking their first steps in this dynamic sport, this comprehensive set offers an ideal mix of discs, including a putter, mid-range, and drivers. It’s tailored to ease beginners into the game while providing the essentials for an enriching experience on the course.

From the comfortable grip of the putter to the added distance from the drivers, this set is crafted to enhance your game and boost your confidence. The thoughtful inclusion of a mini disc for marking shots further enriches your gameplay. Whether you’re a novice seeking to refine your technique or a newcomer aiming for steady progress, the Innova set is a wise choice for a smooth entry into disc golf.

In this article, I dive into the various facets of the Innova Disc Golf Starter Set, examining its ease of use for beginners, range of discs included, quality, and overall value.

Bottom Line

This Innova set is a solid investment for newcomers to disc golf. It delivers quality variety and is a great entry point into the sport.

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Overview of the INNOVA Disc Golf Starter Set

Innova Disc Golf Starter Set

Having recently hit the course with the INNOVA Starter Set, I found it genuinely caters to beginners like myself. With a putter, mid-range, and drivers included, I had every type of disc I needed to play a full round right out of the box. The grip on each disc felt comfortable in my hand, which made throwing more intuitive, and the DX plastic seems durable enough to handle the inevitable collisions with trees and rough landings.

The selection of discs, particularly the Aviar Putter and the Roc3, were great for building confidence with their reliable flight paths. On the other hand, the Destroyer was a bit ambitious for a beginner’s arm—it demands more power and technique to use effectively. Including a mini disc for marking throws was a nice touch, underscoring the thoughtfulness put into the set for actual gameplay situations.

Across various disc golf forums and from my own experience, the colors of the discs could be brighter for better visibility, but this is a minor point. Overall, the set strikes a comfortable balance between quality and accessibility and really does make stepping into the sport less daunting. It’s heartening to have a dependable set that grows with you as your skills improve.

Ease of Use for Beginners

Having tried out a variety of disc golf sets when I was learning the sport, I can vouch for this Innova set’s beginner-friendly appeal. It strikes a nice balance of quality and simplicity. While initially throwing these discs felt different from a standard frisbee, I appreciated that the set included discs like the Leopard and Roc3, both of which fly straight and are easy to handle, giving me a confidence boost as I learned.

I did find the Destroyer to be a bit of a stretch for my beginner’s arm—it’s designed for more distance and speed, which might be challenging for newcomers to control. That said, the Aviar putter is a dream for close shots, helping me sink putts more consistently. As for durability, the DX plastic shows wear after some use, but it’s also forgiving for those inevitable tree hits.

It’s pretty cool that the set includes a mini disc as well, which I found useful for marking my throws. Overall, for someone starting out, this set has just about everything to get you going without overwhelming you with too many choices.

Range of Discs Included

Recently, while enjoying a casual round at the local course, I got a good feel for the variety of discs in this starter set. The set comes equipped with a driver, mid-range, and putter. This selection caters nicely to both new players looking to get into the game and intermediate players wanting to add some dependable options to their disc golf bag. Each disc has a standard grip, and the plastic feels durable, withstanding a few accidental run-ins with trees and pavement. Although colors vary when you order, the ones I received had a vibrant, eye-catching palette.

While the weight range of 160-180g offers a balance suitable for most conditions, it’s worth noting that the weight of these discs provides a comfortable heft for throwing yet might be slightly hefty for those with a lighter throw. Overall, these discs performed reliably on the course, making them a solid choice for recreational play.

Quality and Material

Having just returned from an afternoon at the park with the Innova Disc Golf Starter Set, I can attest to the appealing mix of durability and feel. The plastic material used in these discs strikes a balance between rigidity and flexibility, which is great for withstanding regular use on the course without compromising the grip and release.

For beginners, the DX plastic is a cost-efficient introduction to disc golf, providing a decent lifespan before one decides to invest in more advanced materials. I noticed the colors vary among the sets, which doesn’t affect the play but adds a personal touch to each set. Although the Destroyer disc may seem a bit advanced for new players, it offers a glimpse into more professional gameplay as your skills grow. Overall, the materials seem designed for newcomers to enjoy the game right out of the package while also offering a quality that even more seasoned players would appreciate.

Pros and Cons


Having recently tried out the Innova Starter Set, I noticed some clear benefits. The set is indeed fantastic for beginners like me who are just getting their feet wet in disc golf. The range of discs provided, from the driver to the putter, covers all the essentials you’d need on the course, and they’re particularly user-friendly for those still learning the game’s ins and outs. What’s more, the discs come in a variety of weights, which ensures comfortable handling for a range of throwing styles.

The quality of the discs is evident right out of the box; they have a great feel and are molded with precision, promoting confidence even in a novice’s throw. The Aviar Putter and the Roc3 offer a reliable experience for approach shots and putting, and I can vouch for the Leopard fairway driver’s effectiveness. It’s consistently performed whenever I need a straight and controlled flight.


However, the kit isn’t without its downsides. Although the selection is generally beginner-friendly, I found the Destroyer distance driver to be a bit challenging for a newbie’s arm; it requires a bit more skill to get the desired distance and direction. It could be a little too much overstability for those just starting out, potentially leading to some frustration.

Moreover, the colorful appeal is slightly diminished as you can’t choose the colors of the discs, which can be a letdown if you receive hues that don’t stand out against your local course’s landscape. The DX plastic, while providing a comfortable grip, also shows wear quite quickly, which could be a turn-off for players looking for more durable discs that endure frequent play. Lastly, after a few rounds, I noticed one of the discs catching a nick rather easily when it hit a tree, so they might not stand up to tougher courses as well as one would hope.

What Customers Are Saying

I recently got my hands on this INNOVA Disc Golf Starter Set, and I’ve noticed quite a few other beginners out there sharing their thoughts. Some buyers mentioned a slight learning curve coming from traditional frisbees, but they soon appreciated the set once they got the hang of it. The general consensus points to the value-for-money aspect, especially since you get a complete set for a pretty decent price.

Folks starting out in disc golf have found that the selection of discs, including the driver and mid-range, suits new players well, despite some comments about the included Destroyer not being the easiest for beginners. A few people did comment on the disc colors, wishing for better options, but it’s a minor quibble in the grand picture. Also, a handful have noticed that the DX plastic might show wear after some time, but that’s to be expected with regular use.

Seasoned players buying for family or friends say the set has everything a newcomer could want. They’ve also highlighted how the straight flight path of the drivers makes it easier for beginners to improve their game. It’s a set I, too, would recommend to someone just starting; it has all the essentials without overwhelming a newbie. And for anyone unsure if they’ll fall for the sport, this set makes for a sensible first investment.

Special Edition Mini Disc

Imagine walking onto the course with a neat little surprise in your starter set—the Special Edition Stars Logo Mini Disc. It’s not just for show; it’s practical, helping me mark my lie after each throw with style. Honestly, this Mini Disc stands out in a pile of regular markers, and it feels like having a little badge of honor from Innova. It’s a small touch, but those details enhance the experience, especially for a beginner like me, eager to get into the rhythm of the game. Sure, it’s not the centerpiece of the kit, but it brings a smile to my face each time I place it down before my next shot.

Should You Get It?

Having spent some time with the INNOVA Disc Golf Starter Set on the course, I’ve found it to be quite a solid choice for beginners. Throwing these discs feels different than a regular frisbee, and there’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, they’re a joy to use. The set covers all the essentials with various discs, including a putter, mid-range, and drivers, which are perfect for someone just starting their disc golf journey.

The DX plastic of the discs might not be the most durable if you often play courses with rough terrain, as I’ve noticed some wear after a few rounds. The colors of the discs could be brighter for better visibility, but that’s a minor gripe compared to the overall value and performance. For anyone looking to dive into the sport without breaking the bank, I believe this set strikes an excellent balance between quality and affordability.

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