Recommended Bags for Disc Golf

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a disc golf bag, so before you rush for the coolest looking bag on the shelf, think about your purchase and how it can keep you comfortable while playing.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money over the years researching and testing the best disc golf bags on the market. Believe me when I say there are tons of them out there. I’ve put together a comparison of 18 different bags on the market that you should consider when making your purchase.

Disc Golf Bag Comparison

The comparison is based on eight categories:

  • Disc Size – Shows the quantity of discs that the main compartment can hold. May include additional disc pockets, but excludes the putter pocket.
  • Putter Pocket – Shows the quantity of discs that the putter compartment can hold on the top of the bag.
  • Weight – Rates the weight of the bag from light, medium or heavy when the bag is completely empty.
  • Extra Pockets – Shows the amount of extra zipper compartments. Does not include smaller utility pockets such as pencil holders.
  • Bottle Holder – Shows the amount of bottle holders.
  • Comfort – Rates the level of comfort experienced by users from low, medium, or high.
  • Quality – Rates the durability of the bag based on how longer it holds up to normal wear and tear. Rated as either low, medium, high, or premium.
  • Price – Shows the current price of the bag. The price subject to change over time.

Be sure to check Infinite Discs from the current prices of all these discs. For convenience, I will also provide a direct link for each of these bags so you can quickly check on it:

NameDisc SizePutter PocketWeightExtra PocketsBottle HolderComfortQualityPrice
Discmania Fanatic203Light22LowLow$59.99
Prodigy BP-2252-3Light22LowLow$65.00
Fossa Tana182-3Medium42LowLow$79.00
Innova Heropack253-4Medium22MediumMedium$79.99
Innova Super Heropack303-4Heavy22MediumMedium$109.99
MVP Voyager Slim184Light22MediumMedium$119.95
Fossa Skinny Bag180Light21LowLow$129.00
MVP Voyager182Light22MediumMedium$139.95
Latitude 64 Easy-Go123-4Light12LowMedium$139.99
Prodigy BP-1 V2344Heavy22MediumMedium$139.99
Fossa Tana Pro242-3Medium42MediumHigh$144.99
MVP Voyager Pro224Medium22MediumMedium$149.95
Latitude 64 Luxury E3264Medium21HighHigh$149.99
Ranger Bag DD182Medium22MediumHigh$174.99
Prodigy Pro BP-1323-4Heavy22HighHigh$180.00
Hyzerbomb FlakX254Heavy22HighHigh$199.99
Millennium Flak 4242-3Heavy32HighHigh$199.99
Grip EQ BX182Heavy22HighPremium$229.99

The Disc Golf Bag I Use

After considering all 18 of the above bags, I decided to stick with the Innova Super Heropack for taking with me to the course. For me, it’s the perfect balance of price, quality, comfort and convenience. It has many of the features of the high-end bags with 30 disc capacity at half the price. I’ve been really happy with it, and have since retired my old bags to the closet.

The Disc Golf Bag I Recommend

I decided on the Super Heropack because I like to carry a large number of discs with me. However, if that price tag is a little steep for you, I recommend you shift down to the Innova Heropack instead. The difference here is you’ll only be able to carry 25 discs. But really that is more than enough space for pretty much everyone out there. The best part is this bag is incredibly inexpensive for what you get.

The Disc Golf Bag That Will Last

If money isn’t an option and you just want a bag that will last, I would point you toward the Prodigy Pro BP-1. The Grip EQ BX bag has better overall durability, but not by far. And the Grip bag holds way less for a much higher cost. The Prodigy Pro BP-1 will definitely be the last bag you purchase for a long, long time.


The most important takeaway from this comparison, I believe, is that I don’t think you need to purchase a bag that is ultra expensive to be happy. I’ve researched and tested multiple high-end bags and I don’t think they are worth the extra money for most players.

If you play once or twice a week like myself, you will be more than happy with a bag under or around $100. I bought an expensive bag and it was fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t recommend those bags for most players given the extra cost for such a small incremental benefit.