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Best UV Flashlights for Disc Golf: Illuminate Your Game!

UV flashlights are invaluable tools for disc golf players, especially for those evening rounds when discs are prone to disappearing into the dusky underbrush. These flashlights emit ultraviolet light that causes glow plastics to fluoresce, which makes locating a disc much easier than with traditional lighting. The specific product type we’re talking about is UV flashlights designed for disc golf, which means they need to be portable, durable, and powerful enough to illuminate discs from a fair distance.

When I’m selecting a UV flashlight for disc golf, I pay close attention to the intensity of the light and the coverage area. The flashlight’s wavelength is crucial; the best UV flashlights for disc golf usually have a wavelength of around 365 nanometers, which is effective for making phosphorescent materials in the discs stand out against the background. I also check the build quality—for a tool that might see a lot of outdoor use, it needs to be tough enough to handle drops and rugged conditions.

Battery life is another critical aspect, as I don’t want to be left in the dark mid-round. Some flashlights offer rechargeable batteries, which are convenient and eco-friendly. After thoroughly exploring the features and performance of several models, I’ve pinpointed a selection that won’t let you down when you’re scouring the course for your favorite disc.

Top UV Flashlights for Disc Golf Enthusiasts

I’ve spent hours researching and identifying the UV flashlights that’ll make your nighttime disc golf games a hit. Whether you’re searching for durability, battery life, or the brightest beam, my picks will help you keep the fun going well after sunset. Let’s light up the night with these top-notch selections!

MVP Disc Sports Glow Charger

MVP Disc Sports Eclipse UV Flashlight

MVP Disc Sports is known for having the brightest glowing plastic on the market (Eclipse Glow), and this flashlight does the same. This is hands-down my #1 pick for getting your discs to glow all night!


  • Charges glow discs rapidly and effectively
  • Sturdy metal construction with a water-resistant seal
  • 51 LEDs provide broad and even coverage


  • Batteries may deplete quickly
  • Might be heavier than expected due to metal casing
  • Supplied batteries might not be of the best quality

I just charged my discs last night, and I could see the difference this UV flashlight made compared to my regular one. With its 51 UV LEDs, my Eclipse 2.0 glowed much brighter, transforming my evening game. The solid feel of the flashlight added a sense of quality to the experience, and I appreciated the lasting brightness throughout the game.

Having repeatedly used the MVP Disc Sports Glow Charger, I’ve noticed its coverage is superb. No angle is left unlit, which means I can find my disc no matter where it lands. A bonus is how it makes quick work of charging—a swift pass over the disc, and it’s ready to go.

Although I carry extra batteries now, as I’ve found the included ones don’t last as long as I’d like, it’s a small trade-off. The heft of the flashlight took a little getting used to, but it’s a testament to its durable construction. Using this flashlight has leveled up my nocturnal disc golf sessions, making each throw unmissable.

MVP Eclipse UV Flashlight

MVP Disc Sports Eclipse UV Flashlight

If you’re into nighttime disc golf, this UV flashlight will become your new best friend out on the course.


  • Charges glow discs quickly and effectively
  • Robust and water-resistant construction
  • Ample battery life with 6 AA’s included


  • Bulkier than smaller penlights
  • Can be too intense for close-range use
  • Limited use outside of disc charging applications

After a recent night round with my MVP Eclipse UV Flashlight, I noticed the glow on my discs lasted longer than with any other light. I’ve dropped it a couple of times already, and it’s clear the metal casing can take a beating – it’s as tough as my favorite driver.

On the course, this flashlight lit up my Eclipse 2.0 discs in seconds under a starry sky. The coverage is exceptional, making prep for each throw a breeze. It was satisfying to outshine others with older models, pun intended.

I’ve got big hands, so I appreciate the size and grip of this light, but some friends felt it was a bit hefty for their taste. Its power is undeniable, although I had to be careful not to blind myself or others when checking for stains in my house. As illuminating as it is for disc golf when the game’s done, I don’t find much day-to-day use for it.

MVP Eclipse UV Flashlight

MVP Disc Sports Eclipse UV Flashlight

If you’re seeking to illuminate your night disc golf game effectively, this MVP Eclipse UV Flashlight is a solid choice for its fast charging capability and durability.


  • Quick and efficient glow disc charging
  • Compact and easily carried
  • Robust all-metal construction with a water-resistant seal


  • A better-designed switch could improve the user experience
  • Might feel too lightweight for some users, suggesting a cheaper feel
  • Limited only to UV applications, with no white light option

I recently used this UV flashlight for a late-night game of disc golf and was incredibly pleased with how quickly it charged my glow discs. The compact design meant it didn’t weigh down my bag, and even when the game got a bit wild, the durable metal casing withstood a couple of accidental drops; it’s rugged and clearly built to last.

The brilliance of the UV LEDs was undeniable—they breathed life into the discs, making them stand out brightly against the dark course. The thin, concentrated beam of light efficiently targets the glow material, getting you back to playing without unnecessary delays.

One small gripe I have is with the on/off switch. I feel it’s a tad finicky, sometimes requiring a bit of a jiggle to get it working. That said, this is a minor setback in what is otherwise a handy tool for my night-time disc golf sessions, lighting up those discs like a miniature sun. It’s a product I’d readily suggest to fellow disc golf enthusiasts who enjoy the game after sunset.

INNOVA Glow Light

INNOVA Glow Flashlight

Having just used the INNOVA Glow Light out on the course, I can confidently say it’s a game-changer for after-dark disc golf sessions.


  • Intense 1000-lumen LED beam pinpoints discs easily
  • UV feature charges glow discs quickly
  • Versatile with white and red side floods for various needs


  • Narrow beam might not be ideal for broad searches
  • Heftier than some compact flashlights
  • Strobe feature is more specialized than practical for everyday use

On my latest night round, the INNOVA Glow Light truly impressed me. Its narrow beam cut through the darkness to precisely locate my off-target shots. The black light feature even made my glow discs pop against the night, making them a breeze to track.

The side floods were a boon, too. Setting up for a quick snack, the white light provided ample illumination for my campsite, while the red light maintained the evening’s ambiance without harshness.

Having said that, those who prefer a lighter carry might miss the compact size of some other models. Also, while the strobe could be a lifesaver in emergencies, for disc golf purposes, it seems a bit of an extra. But all in all, as I tucked the robust Glow Light back into my bag after another fun round, I couldn’t help but think how much of a solid addition it had been to my night disc golf gear.

Escolite UV Flashlight

Escolite UV Flashlight

For those trying to enhance their disc golf game into the evening hours, the Escolite UV Flashlight is a reliable tool that makes finding discs in the dark simple and efficient.


  • Broad illumination with 51 UV LEDs
  • Ideal for outdoor use and detecting various substances
  • Sturdy metal construction


  • Batteries not included and rechargeable types not recommended
  • Requires high-quality alkaline batteries for optimal performance
  • May require very dark conditions to detect finer details

Recently, I used the Escolite UV flashlight during a late-night disc golf game. The wide beam instantly made locating my discs a breeze, turning a painstaking search into a quick find. The flashlight’s strong metal body felt substantial and ready for rugged use, reassuring me it could withstand a few accidental drops.

While searching for discs was my main goal, this flashlight showed its versatility. I discovered it excelled in spotting minerals on the course and verifying the cleanliness of equipment. Its efficiency in detecting pet urine also hinted at its practical uses beyond the game.

The Escolite sometimes struggled when ambient light was present, revealing its preference for darker environments. Remember, this flashlight calls for specific alkaline batteries, so keep a stock handy. Overall, its performance in disc golf scenarios was impressive, making it a worthy addition to my gear.

Buying Guide

When I’m in the market for a UV flashlight to enhance my disc golf experience, I keep several features in mind to ensure I choose the best possible option.

Light Intensity and Range

The light intensity, often measured in lumens, is crucial to finding my discs during a night game. A higher lumens rating generally means a brighter light, making it easier to locate my discs. The range, which indicates how far the light can reach, should also be adequate to cover the distance I typically throw.

LumensHigher for better illumination
RangeEnough to cover throwing distance

Battery Life and Type

Battery life is essential, as I don’t want my UV flashlight dying on me mid-game. I consider both the type of batteries used—rechargeable or standard—and their expected lifespan before needing a recharge or replacement.

Battery LifeLonger to avoid mid-game disruptions
Battery TypeRechargeable preferred for convenience

Durability and Water Resistance

Since disc golf is an outdoor sport, the flashlight must be durable and at least water-resistant. I look for a rugged design that can withstand accidental drops and rainy conditions to avoid the frustration of equipment damage.

DurabilityMust endure accidental drops
Water ResistanceShould handle exposure to rain

Size and Portability

I prefer a flashlight that’s easy to carry around the course. A compact and lightweight design that can easily fit in my bag without adding extra bulk is ideal.

SizeCompact for easy handling
PortabilityLightweight for convenience

Considering these features will help me select a UV flashlight that’s just right for my disc golf needs.

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