What Are the Top Disc Golf YouTube Channels?

Sometimes after a stressful day of work you just need a healthy dose of disc golf to calm the nerves. Of course, the best place to get your daily fix is on YouTube. Since 2006, disc golfers have racked up more than 162 million views of disc golf content on YouTube. While the ratio of trash content to quality content on YouTube is typically very high, I have found the disc golf community to actually be producing high quality content mostly.

Over the years, I have racked up a substantial list of disc golf channels I’ve subscribed to on YouTube that I’d like to share with you. I wouldn’t imagine saying that this list is comprehensive of all the disc golf channels out there. Although I feel confident saying that these are the top 27. There may be a few out there that could contend with the bottom 5 channels or so, but I wouldn’t expect the overall views missing from this list to be substantial.

It is quite difficult to rank these channels in order of best to worst, because I feel they all have something unique to offer. Instead, I’ve listed all of these disc golf YouTube channels in order by total lifetime views as of July 2019.

So, what are the top disc golf YouTube Channels?

  1. JomezPro
  2. The SpinTV
  3. Central Coast Disc Golf
  4. thediscgolfguy
  5. DynamicDiscs
  6. Discraft Disc Sports
  7. Prodigy Disc
  8. Disc Golf Pro Tour
  9. McFlySoHigh Video
  10. SmashBoxxTV
  11. DiscmaniaGolfDiscs
  12. Innova Discs
  13. Danny Lindahl
  14. Will Schusterick
  15. Paul McBeth
  16. Infinite Discs
  17. Disc Golf Nerd
  18. Best Disc Golf Discs
  19. SM Disc Golf Productions
  20. Simon Lizotte
  21. Eagle’s Vlogs
  22. Nikko Locastro
  23. GoHamDiscGolf
  24. Latitude 64
  25. Par Save Productions
  26. Johnny Discgolf
  27. Foundation DiscGolf

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these channels have to offer to the disc golf community:

1. JomezPro

Total Views               43,163,135
Subscribers                     128,159
Total Videos                              575
Join Date December 6, 2007

If you’ve ever searched for ‘disc golf’ on YouTube, chances are JomezPro had half of the videos in the search results. They are by far the #1 channel producing disc golf video content when it comes to views and subscribers. And with over 43 million views, they account for over 1/4 of all the views on this list. Their content focuses mostly on pro tournament coverage with post-production editing and commentary. They occasional have ‘In The Bag’ segments and amateur tournaments that they host. In early 2019, they crested 100,000 subscribers which they celebrated with a party in Waco, TX. Amazingly, in just 5 months they’ve almost amassed another 30,000 subscribers.

Even though their channel is listed as joining YouTube in 2007, disc golf content didn’t start appearing there until 2012, with activity really picking up in 2016. Since then, I haven’t noticed a single month where they aren’t cranking out great disc golf content. What they do best is providing next day coverage of all the tournaments they attend, which can’t be easy with what goes into their videos. I have no idea how they do it with all the helpful graphics and commentary overlay each video has. Their occasional ‘follow flight’ graphic that tracks discs soaring through the air is a real treat for the viewer.

The Most Popular Video On Jomez Productions

2. The SpinTV

Total Views               27,233,199
Subscribers                        84,166
Total Videos                              485
Join Date April 18, 2013

If you’re trying to promote disc golf to a friend, this is the channel to refer them to. They focus mostly on European tournament coverage, although they do have the occasional ‘In the Bag’ session with many pros. Also, I have noticed they have interviews being posted for the tournaments they attend.

It was shortly after the 2017 European Open that their viewership really started to take off. This is because their videos are top-notch quality that can only be compared to mainstream sports coverage on TV. Their graphics and transitions during their tournament coverage is a complete joy to watch and makes the experience of view disc golf that much better. While they are only 2nd on this list below Jomez, if I were placing these channels in order of best to worst, SpinTV would have to be first place because of their quality.

Part of why they haven’t surpassed Jomez Productions is because their channel will go through a long period of not posting any videos. Most recently, their was a period of 7 months where I don’t remember seeing anything coming from this channel. I sort of forget about them and then I’ll get excited when I notice a new video pop into my feed. Also, when they are posting their volume of content is not as high.

Given the quality of what they put out there, I’m not surprised their isn’t as much as Jomez on YouTube. As well, I suspect SpinTV is ranking below Jomez on views and subscribers because Jomez covers they most of the large disc golf tournaments in the United States, where the sport is the largest and has the most fans.

The Most Popular Video on The SpinTV

3. Central Coast Disc Golf

Total Views               25,056,414
Subscribers                        75,576
Total Videos                          1,082
Join Date August 2, 2011

I have to tip my hat to the guys at Central Coast Disc Golf. They have been ever consistent on their content for the last 7 years. I would put them right up their with Jomez on volume of content right now, which is about 4-5 videos every week. Their content is focused mostly on tournament coverage

While they are doing great over there, I would have to say they are slightly below Jomez and SpinTV on their quality. And by quality I am referring to the on-screen graphics that help viewers follow the coverage. Jomez and SpinTV include on-screen graphics in real time that are being updated as player’s scores are changing or a penalty is incurred. Instead, Central Coast displays updates to the players scores after a hole is completed. This certainly works, but there is something about the real time graphics are a pleasure to have.

One thing I really enjoy about Central Coast is they provide coverage to tournaments that I do not typically get to see. Also, they have a great ‘disc golf comedy’ segment every once in a while where they commentators are completely sarcastic the entire round.

The Most Popular Video on Central Coast Disc Golf

4. thediscgolfguy

Total Views                   9,549,976
Subscribers                        36,768
Total Videos                              825
Join Date January 6, 2010

The description in the About section on this one sums up what this channel is all about best:

“I’m not sure if there is a more simple way to put it but this channel is all about disc golf, disc golf tournament highlights, disc golf tournament shot by shot coverage, disc golf player interviews, disc golf product introductions and reviews as well as goofy or fun things that might be related to disc golf. If you haven’t caught on by now – this is all about disc golf. I’m The Disc Golf Guy and this is my video blog.”

This is a disc golf channel that is laid back and fun to watch. As the description mentioned, they provide disc golf coverage over a wide spectrum. When I was curious about potentially getting my kids into disc golf tournaments, this was the channel I went to because they are one of the few places out their providing that sort of content.

The Most Popular Video on thediscgolfguy

5. DynamicDiscs

Total Views                  9,238,719
Subscribers                        39,168
Total Videos                          1,189
Join Date September 3, 2009

This is the first channel on the list that has a major following in the disc golf community, but doesn’t specialize in disc golf tournament coverage. Dynamic Discs is also one of the top brands in Disc Golf providing discs, apparel, bags, and other accessories. First and foremost, their channel is obviously out there to specifically promote their products. But what’s more is they are generally posting videos out there that are incrementally helpful.

For example, they have a running instructional series on their channel called the ‘Physics of Flight’ that is something that everyone should watch who is trying to learn disc golf for the first time. And even if you have been playing for a while, it can still be helpful to you.

Mostly, their videos are product focused, but I do see tournament coverage pop up, as well podcasts and interviews.

The Most Popular Video on DynamicDiscs

6. Discraft Disc Sports

Total Views                   7,932,374
Subscribers                        25,955
Total Videos                                66
Join Date August 4, 2006

Another disc golf brand topping the list here. The Discraft channel doesn’t have as many videos and there was a 5 year gap between 2013 and 2018 when they didn’t have any videos uploaded.

Some of their older videos were disc golf clinics that contain fantastic information, even though the video quality is a bit painful to watch. This is where most of their views were racked up and continue to bring in consistent views for them. More recently, their videos have been product reviews and ‘In the Bag’ segments with some of their sponsored players.

The Most Popular Video on Discraft Disc Sports

7. Prodigy Disc

Total Views                     5,368,923
Subscribers                           23,368
Total Videos                                 397
Join Date December 22, 2009

Prodigy Disc is another brand in the disc golf world producing discs, bags, apparel and everything else a player needs in the sport. Their channel feels like it focuses more on the players they sponsor, rather than only product reviews, though they do have those of course. Mostly I’ve seen vlog from Seppo Paju popping up on their channel, with some occasional ‘In the Bag’ segments and tournament coverage.

The Most Popular Video on Prodigy Disc

8. Disc Golf Pro Tour

Total Views                      5,001,408
Subscribers                            35,896
Total Videos                                  522
Join Date October 25, 2015

Obviously, this channel provides tournament coverage of the Disc Golf Pro Tour. What’s great about this channel is it provides LIVE coverage for both the men’s and women’s events. Typically after the events are finished they will upload a post-production cut version of each round, but recently this hasn’t been happening so I don’t know if it will continue.

There was a little turbulence with this channel when toward the end of 2018 it was announced that the Disc Golf Pro Tour would no longer be using 3rd party channels to provide tournament coverage on the tour. Instead all of the coverage was bring brought in-house. This is when the channel’s subscriber count spiked.

It seemed like a sizable portion of the fan base was very upset with the transition since previously it was channels like Jomez Productions and Central Coast Disc Golf that were providing the coverage. Be that as it may, the views and subscriber count continue to rise.

The coverage itself is actually pretty good being that it is live. And with each tournament they cover the production appears to get better. Whenever I see a tournament go live I’ll put it on in the background and my house to listen to. They also enable the community chat functionality, so viewers have the chance to interact during coverage and even make donations.

The Most Popular Video on Disc Golf Pro Tour

9. McFlySoHigh Video

Total Views                     4,050,342
Subscribers                           14,211
Total Videos                                 189
Join Date September 4, 2006

This channel is interesting. It is the only disc golf channel on this list that has been losing subscribers recently, with views leveling off significantly.

A closer look at the About page revels that McFly moved over to the ProdigyDiscs channel, where I assume they began assisting Prodigy build up their subscriber base. When the channel was active it was providing mainly tournament coverage content.

Even without a more than a few uploads over the last four years, this channel still holds a high position on this list.

The Most Popular Video on McFlySoHigh Video

10. SmashBoxxTV

Total Views                      3,453,238
Subscribers                           27,211
Total Videos                                  509
Join Date September 23, 2011

SmashBoxxTV is a smaller version of the likes of Jomez Productions, SpinTV, and Central Coast Disc Golf. Although, SmashBoxx is providing live coverage of some tournaments, more similar to the Disc Golf Pro Tour channel.

Most of they content I see coming out of this channel is particularly live podcasts, which is perfect for disc golfers that want to know more about the history, background, and current happenings of the sport. These are much more long forum interviews, which are interesting to listen to when they have the pros on.

The Most Popular Video on SmashBoxxTV

11. DiscmaniaGolfDiscs

Total Views                      2,978,446
Subscribers                           21,915
Total Videos                                  106
Join Date August 18, 2010

DiscmaniaGolfDiscs is a smaller disc manufacturer that sponsors popular players such as Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon. Their presence on YouTube really started to pick up about a year ago.

Since then they have been uploading product reviews of their discs and vlogs with Eagle McMahon, with a few ‘In the Bags’ peppered in there.

The Most Popular Video on DiscmaniaGolfDiscs

12. Innova Discs

Total Views                     2,360,826
Subscribers                           24,479
Total Videos                                    87
Join Date February 5, 2009

Innova Discs is the largest and most popular disc manufacturer in the world. Their YouTube channel, not so much. However, their activity has been picking up over the last year.

Their content is a bit all over the place, but there are a few gems you can find in there. Some of the more popular uploads are with Nate Sexton and co-founder Dave Dunipace providing some short tutorials.

The Most Popular Video on Innova Discs

13. Danny Lindahl

Total Views                      2,105,766
Subscribers                           21,291
Total Videos                                 146
Join Date August 25, 2012

This is probably the most underrated disc golf channel out there. Danny Lindahl is using YouTube the way it was meant to be used. One person operating in a apartment focused on just providing useful information. Nothing flashy. His content focuses on providing practical and technical information about the sport of disc golf.

The Most Popular Video on Danny Lindahl

14. Will Schusterick

Total Views                      1,709,100
Subscribers                           10,800
Total Videos                                    74
Join Date September 19, 2010

Will Schusterick is a pro disc golf player that is sponsored by Prodigy Discs. The channel show cases past performance by Will as well as a few neat instructional videos. However, it seems he has decided to depart from YouTube as there hasn’t been an upload to the channel for the last year. Instead, it appears he has started a website name Disc Golf Instruction where he provides high-quality instructional videos to paying members of the site. Being that he is a 3x United States Champion, I’d say he is more than qualify to be offering such a product.

The Most Popular Video on Will Schusterick

15. Paul McBeth

Total Views                     1,573,025
Subscribers                           21,154
Total Videos                                    36
Join Date January 19, 2013

Paul McBeth is a 4x World Champion in disc golf. His YouTube channel has had a few uploads over the years, some of which were quite popular. Such as when he threw 50 discs into a single basket without missing a single putt here.

The channel didn’t see much action until just recently when vlog videos started being uploaded. Since then the subscribers have seen a spike.

The Most Popular Video on Paul McBeth

16. Infinite Discs

Total Views                      1,548,280
Subscribers                           10,248
Total Videos                                    87
Join Date August 13, 2014

Infinite Discs runs a very large website selling all things disc golf. Content on their channel includes such things as product reviews and disc golf clinics.

I’m actually surprised this channel doesn’t have more views & subscribers because some of the clinics and videos are quite useful.

The Most Popular Video on Infinite Discs

17. Disc Golf Nerd

Total Views                      1,449,066
Subscribers                             7,037
Total Videos                                  582
Join Date November 24, 2010

The Disc Golf Nerd channel is primarily focused on providing reviews on discs and other disc golf products. I was spinning through a lot of the videos on this channel and it is quite possible that this guy has tested half of the discs in existence.

The Most Popular Video on Disc Golf Nerd

18. Best Disc Golf Discs

Total Views                      1,308,854
Subscribers                           19,741
Total Videos                                    15
Join Date April 11, 2015

This channel is really neat actually. The videos on this channel focus on the science behind the sport of disc golf. More specifically, they examine the science behind the ‘Best Disc Golf Discs’.

There are not many videos on this channel and there hasn’t been a new upload for over a year, but the content is worth watching. If you haven’t watched any of their videos, do so now. They explain certain topics that every disc golfer should know and thoroughly understand.

The Most Popular Video on Best Disc Golf Discs

19. SM Disc Golf Productions

Total Views                      1,193,658
Subscribers                           11,831
Total Videos                                  145
Join Date May 19, 2019

This is a Norwegian disc golf tournament coverage YouTube channel. The video quality and tournaments they cover are fun to watch. Although this channel hasn’t quite gotten to the same standard as Jomez Productions, SpinTV or Central Coast Disc Golf.

You won’t find any on-screen graphics or updates after each hole, which can be a slight annoyance if you are accustomed to watching those other channels for tournament coverage. Be that as it may, I still enjoy watching the content they are uploading and I anticipate to continue to get better with each tournament they cover. You can already see they are climbing quickly in subscribers and total views since starting out a few years ago.

The Most Popular Video on SM Disc Golf Productions

20. Simon Lizotte

Total Views                     1,173,466
Subscribers                           21,857
Total Videos                                    39
Join Date December 25, 2013

Everyone’s favorite German pro disc golfer, sponsored by Discmania. Simon Lizotte is known for trick shots and massive throws, being the previous world record holder for distance.

His channel didn’t have any real activity for a few years until the start of the 2019 season when he started to upload videos again. Most of the videos are variety disc golf content and clearing the community has responded with a huge spike in subscribers. Since the 2019 has started there hasn’t been as much content going up on the channel.

The Most Popular Video on Simon Lizotte

21. Eagle’s Vlogs

Total Views                     1,082,285
Subscribers                           12,901
Total Videos                                  173
Join Date February 3, 2012

Eagle McMahon is another pro disc golfer sponsored by Discmaina. Similar to Simon Lizotte’s channel, this is a variety disc golf content. The difference is Eagle appears to be uploading much more frequently than Simon.

The Most Popular Video on Eagle’s Vlogs

22. Nikko Locastro

Total Views                         824,055
Subscribers                             4,583
Total Videos                                    22
Join Date January 16, 2010

Nikko Locastro is a pro disc golf player. His channel had released teaser trailers back in 2017 regarding a documentary focused on the disc golf lifestyle, which accounted for the spike in subscribers. However, it doesn’t appear the documentary was ever released and the channel has since been silent.

The Most Popular Video on Nikko Locastro

23. GoHamDiscGolf

Total Views                         817,451
Subscribers                             5,554
Total Videos                                  257
Join Date September 8, 2012

This channel hasn’t had any uploads for over 4 years. When it was active, it was focused on product reviews and other disc golf variety content.

The Most Popular Video on GoHamDiscGolf

24. Latitude 64

Total Views                        809,629
Subscribers                             7,924
Total Videos                                     84
Join Date January 23, 2014

Latitude 64 is a disc golf brand. Their channel is focused on reviews of the products they release as well as ‘In the Bag’ segments with some of the pro players they sponsor.

The Most Popular Video on Latitude 64

25. Par Save Productions

Total Views                         704,304
Subscribers                           12,779
Total Videos                                    52
Join Date September 12, 2017

This is a very new channel on YouTube and I didn’t even know it existed until just recently. Par Save Productions are putting out tournament coverage content. And from what I’ve seen coming out of this channel so far, the coverage is very promising. The on screen graphics are different from the other tournament specific channels on this list, which is refreshing. I look forward to seeing this channel growing.

The Most Popular Video on Par Save Productions

26. Johnny Discgolf

Total Views                        528,424
Subscribers                           11,195
Total Videos                                    96
Join Date January 31, 2019

Another newcomer to the disc golf YouTube Community, Johnny Discgolf has been uploading pro disc golfer interviews.

The Most Popular Video on Johnny Discgolf

27. Foundation DiscGolf

Total Views                         352,285
Subscribers                             4,820
Total Videos                                    46
Join Date December 18, 2018

The last channel on this list, Foundation DiscGolf just started uploading views at the beginning of 2019. So far, they have been uploading variety disc golf content with the most popular videos involving Paul McBeth.

The Most Popular Video on Foundation DiscGolf

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